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EP 71: Why Voting Matters

With The Recent Shooting In California, We Discussed The Importance Of Why Midterms Are Important

EP 70: Midterm Elections

Lets Talks About Voting And Its Importance

EP 69: Halloween Time

Lets Talk Halloween And How Not To Be Racist During This Night

EP 68: Mental Health Day

WE had To Talk About World Mental Health Day And Our Personal Mental Health

EP 65: Clay’s Emo Phase

Find Out Why Clay Wore Eyeliner When He Was In Middle School

EP 64: Whats Equality

Mijo Brought Up Uncomfortable Topics Dealing With Equality And Feminism

Ep 62: Kiki Do You Love Me

Mijo Broke Down What Happened Between Him And His Lady Friend

Episode 61: Making Babies On Friday The 13th

They Recorded This On Friday The 13th And Of Course, They Talked About Having Kids. Did They…

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