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EP 60: Clay Bird’s Brain is Weird

Find Out Why Clay Bird Has Been Going ON These Epic Twitter Rants

EP 58: Mental Health Matters

WE Are Back From Vacation Talking About Some Very Serious Things

Episode 57: The Royal Wedding

It's the hottest story in the world right now. The Royal Wedding!!

Episode 56: This Is America

Mijo, Clay Bird, and Huggie Gave Our Interpretations Of Childish Gambino's "This Is America"

EP 55: Is Having A Roommate Worth It?

While Huggie is on vacation in Vegas, Clay and Mijo are joined by Amanda Habrowski aka “Ice”…

Episode 54: A Quick Call From Kanye

Mijo, Clay, aAnd Huggie Discussed The Whole Kanye Twitter Fiasco This Past Week

“I Like It”

DJ Heat and Mijo Break Down One Of Cardi's Best Songs

EP 52: Mijo Has No Faith In Clay Or Huggie

Mijo Doesn't Think Clay And Mijo Will Finish Their Race

EP 51: The Jersey Shore

We Took Personality Tests To See Which Jersey Shore Characters We Are

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