After releasing a teaser, Pepsi has now dropped its full Super Bowl commercial, which features Cardi B, Lil Jon and Steve Carrell.

In the ad, set in a diner, a woman orders a Coke, and the server responds, “Is Pepsi O.K.?” 

That leads Carrell to leap to his feat and exclaim, “Is Pepsi O.K.? Is Pepsi O.K.? Are puppies O.K.? Is a shooting star O.K.? Is the laughter of a small child O.K.?”

Carrell then encourages the server to say “O.K.” “with pride.”

“Pepsi’s more than O.K.” says Carrell.  “It’s…”

Cut to Lil Jon, unleashing his signature “O.K!”

Cut to Cardi B, walking into the diner and saying her signature, “Okurrrrr” as “I Like It Like That” plays in the background. She grabs a diamante-studded Pepsi can from the counter and sits down across from the original customer who wanted a Coke.

“O.K., what have we learned today?” Carrell asks. “You want a Pepsi?” responds the waiter. “I want a Pepsi,” says the customer. “She wants a Pepsi!” Carrell adds. He then attempts to imitate both Lil Jon and Cardi,  before concluding, “I gotta come up with my own catchphrase.”

In addition to the ad, as the “Official Soft Drink of the NFL,” Pepsi will once again sponsor the halftime show with Maroon 5, Travis Scott and Big Boi. On February 1, it’s also holding a Planet Pepsi pre-Super Bowl party featuring a performance by Scott and friends. The performance will be live streamed if you can’t make it to Atlanta.

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