GRESHAM, Ore.–  37 year old Paul Dovgan is lucky to be alive.  He was beaten with a hammer in the head last Friday at the 7-11 store on S.E. 181st Avenue.  he was getting coffee with a friend when a man appeared out of nowhere.  The friend tried to stop the attack and several other customers in the store stepped in too.  Dovgan was hospitalized with a fractured skull.  he had to have a metal plate put in his head plus 12 staples.  Doctors also say he had internal bleeding .  39 year old Jonathan Jones was arrested.  He appeared in court yesterday facing charges of attempted murder and assault.  He pleaded not guilty.

In 2011, Jones was convicted of doing the same thing, striking another person in the head with a hammer.

Image courtesy of News Partner KGW. 

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