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In the new issue of Playboy, Travis Scott and Nas discuss their optimism about the future of rap, agreeing that, no matter how the industry changes, hip hop will always comes from the same place.

Nas begins, “As long as you got hoods, there’s going to be…”

“…a voice,” Scott finishes.

“Those hoods are always going to yell out and say what’s going on,” the Illmatic MC continues.

“The message is always: We want food, shelter, health care and all the things we’re deprived of. We want no police brutality…That’s what hip-hop is talking about…All those things are the ingredients for this rap thing, and that’s never going to stop.”

The “Sicko Mode” rapper agrees, saying, “I think what makes a great artist is just the people you touch. Are they moving to your music? Are they living their life to it? Are they rocking with it or feeling inspired by it, or is it helping them get through something?”

And both artists agree that technology has made rap more immediate than ever.

“I can drop my s**t. I can cater to my own followers,” Scott points out. “It’s not like the radio, where somebody can stop people from hearing me…you can reach the world now.”

Nas chimes in, “We can go do a song right now and put it up. We don’t have to ask nobody…we’re in control of what we’re doing…No one can tell us what to do, what we can’t do. Rap music can’t be stopped now.”

“There’s no barrier,” notes La Flame. “We’re gettin’ it out…what’s happening during our time in life, what’s happening in the streets. We just expressing it in a different way.”

The new Playboy issue is out now.


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