On Sunday, Terry Crews called out D.L. Hughley who had suggested in an old interview that Crews was to blame for being groped.

Not sure if Terry just found the old interview or just felt like tackling the issue. In the interview, D.L. said, hey mf’er, God gave you muscles so that you can say no and mean it.

Crews took to Twitter and addressed D.L. Hughley by asking, are you implying i wanted to be sexually assaulted? Sir you said i should have pushed him back or restrained him. I did all those things.

D.L. responded, that’s different than slapping the sh–outta him.

Terry also got into it on Twitter with Tariq Nasheed. Tariq tweeted, I don’t know why Terry is so mad at me. He sure didn’t have that same energy when he let that white man grab his crotch.

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