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This Stays In This Room Podcast

EP 64: Whats Equality

Mijo Brought Up Uncomfortable Topics Dealing With Equality And Feminism

Episode 61: Making Babies On Friday The 13th

They Recorded This On Friday The 13th And Of Course, They Talked About Having Kids. Did They…

EP 60: Clay Bird’s Brain is Weird

Find Out Why Clay Bird Has Been Going ON These Epic Twitter Rants

Episode 56: This Is America

Mijo, Clay Bird, and Huggie Gave Our Interpretations Of Childish Gambino's "This Is America"

EP 55: Is Having A Roommate Worth It?

While Huggie is on vacation in Vegas, Clay and Mijo are joined by Amanda Habrowski aka “Ice”…

Episode 54: A Quick Call From Kanye

Mijo, Clay, aAnd Huggie Discussed The Whole Kanye Twitter Fiasco This Past Week

EP 52: Mijo Has No Faith In Clay Or Huggie

Mijo Doesn't Think Clay And Mijo Will Finish Their Race

EP 51: The Jersey Shore

We Took Personality Tests To See Which Jersey Shore Characters We Are

EP 50 Part 2: 50 Useless Facts

Clay and Mijo Just Did Their 50th Episode And Gave You 50 Useless Facts To Celebrate

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