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Stop Living For The Weekend

Don't Waste 5 Days Of The Week Being Miserable.

Are You A “Common Liar”?

Why Do You Think People Lie About Small Things?

What Are The Top 5 Cereals?

Check Out The Official Breakfast Cereal Power Rankings Here.

Let’s Eat: Noraneko

Who Has The Best Ramen In Portland?

6 Signs Your Friend (or You) Is an Emotional Vampire.

How Do You Deal With A Person Like This? Garlic?

Stirring It Up With Yung Gravy

Stirring It Up W/ Yung Gravy

Do Tattoos Really Hurt?

Clay Bird & Mijo Seem To Disagree On This One

Turn Up Turn Off: Lil Pump “Be Like Me”

WE Decided To Critique Lil Pump's Newest Song "Be Like Me"

Turn Up Or Turn Off: Blueface “Thotiana”

WE Decided To Critique Blueface's "Thotiana"

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