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Bro-Tivation: How To Get Girls To Notice You

Girls Go Crazy Over This One Thing. Get It & You're Sure To Win Her Over.

Bro-tivation: How To Wear A Fanny Pack

It's Called A Fanny Pack…Not A Boobie Pack!

Bro-tivation With Clay Bird & Huggie Ep. 5

How To Respond When Life Sends You That Nasty Text Message

EP 78: Betty White’s Lover

Clay, Mijo, And Huggie Talk About Betty White Turning 97 And How Much Of An Icon She…

Bro-tivation With Clay Bird & Huggie Ep. 4

Do You Follow This One Basic Rule?

EP 77: We’re Billionaires

We Discussed The Enormous Divorce That Is About To Take Place Between Jeff Bezos And MacKenzie Bezos

Bro-tivation With Clay Bird And Huggie Ep. 3

Having trouble getting rid of those sweaty pit stains? Clay Bird & Huggie have some Bro-tivation tips…

EP 76: What The Birdbox

Clay, Mijo, And Huggie Discuss The Social Responsibility We Bear As Influencers

EP 75: End Of 2018

Clay, Mijo, And Huggie Are Closing Out Our Year Discussing Our Sentiments On 2018 And Our Goals…

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