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DJ Bonics

WE Got Sole Recap

WE teamed up with Sprint and the Boys & Girls Club to collect shoes for Portland kids.

WE Talk With YG

YG joins DJ Bonics in the Skype Live Studio to talk about Red Friday and get him…

WE Talk With MadeinTYO

MadeinTYO talks about his new baby, life in Tokyo and what he pays other people to do…

Tour Bus Talk: Post Malone Part III

Post Malone tells us what made him stop smoking weed and why he loves Portland crowds.

Tour Bus Talk: Post Malone Part II

Post Malone tells you how he ended up on tour with Justin Bieber.

Tour Bus Talk: Post Malone Part I

Post rides with DJ Bonics and tells him about the type of music he makes and we…

WE Let Sarah G Ask One Question

As the newest person on the squad, Sarah G gets to ask one question and one question…

Connect Four With Lil Yachty

Lil Yachty takes on DJ Bonics in an action packed game of Connect Four.

WE Talk To Lil Yachty Part II

Yachty tells the story of his braids, what Jordan's he loves and a surprising list of people…

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