Joe Budden’s criticism of Swae Lee’s new song, “Won’t Be Late” has spilled over from Budden’s podcast to social media.

Budden who called the single, “unoriginal” saying, “…It’s not a good record. Are we in 2015? When did Drake’s f****n’ Afrobeats record come out? This is pure laziness. This is laziness. You’ve heard this song 90 times.” (Minute 29:00)

Swae Lee clapped back, although he didn’t say Budden’s name, he was clearly aiming his response at the former rapper, “Everyone has an opinion …unfortunately every opinion isn’t credible and some just don’t hold any weight, don’t let someone’s small-minded opinion influence yours.”

In Budden’s aggressive response, he admitted that the song “could be a hit, but some n***as still wouldn’t like it.” “Go listen to ’em again. Go listen to ’em five times if you need to,” Swae clapped back, “However long it takes you to catch a vibe on them. You might be a little slow. You used to that old head music, all that old s**t.”

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