No place is more entertaining on social media than the IG Live of celebrities.

Rihanna was on a live when Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant joined the live. Rihanna asked, is KD allowed in here? Should I wear a mask to this live? She followed it with, but foreal get well soon KD.

She continued, back with my mask @easymoneysniper wya? KD replied, yo Robyn, didn’t you just come back from Europe? She said no, that she has been in the US the last two months. KD said, that Rona was lurkin over there in December he then told her best friend to watch her back.

Drake, who hates to be left out, inserted himself into the conversation like a little brother and said, we have to dead the corona jokes.

Not sure he chose his words carefully there but nonetheless we were all entertained by the celebrity banter.

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