Everyone Seems to Agree That April Fools’ Day Is Canceled This Year

Nobody can agree on anything these days–except for one thing, it seems: April Fools’ Day is canceled. “April Fools’ Day pranks are not funny right now. Don’t do them,” CNN declares, noting that coronavirus-related pranks will not only make people feel worse, but will probably get you arrested. The Verge is likewise warning America’s corporate brands to stay away from silly stunts this year–and threatening to publicly shame them if they don’t.

“Unfortunately, some brands’ lack the self-awareness or plain sense to cancel their pranks. [We’ve] already received a handful of absolutely terrible pitches in the past week that signal more is coming,” they say. “We’re paying attention to the pranks brands pull this year, and we’re making a list. You don’t want your name on this list. We promise: You’ll regret it.”

It was reported last week that Google–usually the king of online April Fools’ pranks–decided to forgo any of their usual shenanigans this April 1 out of respect for those suffering amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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