Ed Sheeran‘s new album No. 6 Collaborations features “Blow,” a rock song he did with Bruno Mars and country star Chris Stapleton. While Ed says he and Bruno had “massive” arguments while working on the song, he’s still blown away by the “Uptown Funk” singer’s tremendous musical talent.

“I met Bruno in 2010. I opened up for at [the] iTunes Festival in 2011,” says Ed in the in-depth video interview he did to promote his new album. “And then, we just hung out. I went and guested with him a couple of times on tour. We’ve had nights out together.”

“He’s just a talented writer and he’s so musically talented,” says Ed. “He played every instrument on [‘Blow’].  Played the drums, played the bass, played the guitar. He’s like, different level in the studio.”

But Ed also reveals that while they were working on the song and would disagree, Bruno never stopped reminding him just which one of them had sold more records.

“The amount of arguments….” Ed laughs. “I think at the time, he had two diamond singles…and I had one. And he was just like, ‘But I’ve got two diamond singles!’ And there’d be kind of like back and forth like that.”

Diamond singles are songs that have been certified for sales of at least 10 million units.  Bruno’s are “Just the Way You Are” and “Uptown Funk.”  But as Ed notes, Bruno didn’t have the upper hand for long.

“Then the next time I went in [the studio] with him, I’d got[ten] two as well!” laughs Ed. “So we kinda had a battle on that front!”

Ed’s two diamond singles are “Shape of You” and “Thinking Out Loud.”

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