After Days of Protests, Communities Across America Are Starting To Come Together To Heal

WARNING: This contains explicit language.

The past few days have been hard to swallow for most Americans. Whether it is just coming to understand that there is a problem with systemic racism in our country which leads to police brutality or finally being fed up with the unfair treatment and targeting of minorities by law enforcement. With mostly peaceful protests happening, there is always the risk of violence breaking out. In some communities, mostly larger cities like Los Angeles, Houston, New York City, and the like, the pain is real and the protests have seen some violence between protesters and police. However, there are breakthroughs happening in some communities across America.

In Seattle, Washington a fellow police officer forcibly removed another cop’s knee from a protestors’ neck last night.

In Flint, Michigan police officers lay down their batons and take off their helmets and being walking with protesters.

In Brooklyn, protesters block the entrance to a Target store that was in fact, targeted by looters. The protesters were encouraging to keep things non-violent.

Miami, Florida was also impacted. As peaceful protesters approached their destination Miami police laid down their gear and got on one knee to ask for forgiveness.

Santa Cruz Police in California tweeted that they are fully supportive of peaceful protests and even joined the community.

In San Antonio, Texas the protests and demonstrations had ended and everyone was headed home when a group of bad actors, not associated with the protest at all began breaking windows and defacing public property and art. Citizens of the city came together the next morning to clean up the broken glass and graffiti.

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