Cardi B sided with a Twitter user who helped another fan understand her current management situation. Cardi tweeted to a fan who asked about management, “I don’t have no managers. NONE AT ALL! My lawyer handle my business.”

The confusion started in March of 2018 when it was reported that Cardi had a deal with Quality Control Management. Then in 2019, it was thought that she was with Quality Control Management after Offset’s and Cardi’s bodyguards were involved in a legal battle after they attacked a fan.

One user cleared up the confusion with this tweet: “She’s not in a legal dispute with QC cuz she was never signed to QC,” @ratedrword wrote. “Her litigation is with KSR. Which has nothing to do with her current label Atlantic. She’s had a legal battle with them since before IOP dropped. She’s not releasing cuz she doesn’t have to IOP is still charting.”

Cardi’s husband, Offset and the rest of Migos are involved in a malpractice lawsuit with their lawyer Damien Granderson, who they claim has stolen millions from them and didn’t disclose the amount Quality Control made from their deal with Capitol Records.

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