VANCOUVER, Ore.– Robert Breck , 80 years old appeared in court in a suicide smock he was rolled in a wheelchair.  The judge ordered him to have a bail hearing next week and to return to court for arraignment October 10th at 9 AM . Breck is accused of shooting tenant  Dean to death.  Two woman were also hit by gunfire.  they were sent to the hospital one was released with minor injuries.

Apparently the shooting stemmed from the fact the 80 year old was upset his caregiver Shawne would not agree to be his mistress.  court documents say he confronted the two women in the lobby of Smith Tower.  Dean described as fun and good natured was trying to protect the women when he was killed. A Tenant commented that Breck was always flirty and interested in sex . Video surveillance in the lobby captured the  entire shooting .  police continue to evaluate all the evidence.

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